From the 'Table of Contents' page, you can scroll down the list until you find something you want to go and look at. Each word in the list has been 'linked' to its corresponding details page. Click on the item of your choice and you will go to it.


Making the Connection: Links on this CD

Home Page
bird icon
Table of Contents or 'Ideas' page
graphic icon of theme (changes)
Recipe links
Hyper text altered words will take you to more info on another page. Get back to original page using your INTERNET BROWSER 'BACK' BUTTON.
Click your mouse on the blue high-lighted words INTERNET BROWSER BACK BUTTON to the left of this box to practise.
Graphics links
Some graphics are hot-keyed or linked to more info on another page. Get back using your INTERNET BROWSER 'BACK' BUTTON.

Don't be afraid to try driving your mouse over images on pages to see if they are hot-keyed or not. A little hand will appear if they are.

Recipe pages
These special pages have their own buttons with instructions and are linked to each other and the Home Page, but do not have a button to return to idea pages, use your INTERNET BROWSER 'BACK' BUTTON.



The example page below represents this CD's HOME PAGE. Running your mouse over the blocks while at the real Home Page, makes them 'roll over' or change into a word. The word displayed indicates a 'theme directory' of information you can access by clicking on it.
Once at an individual page associated with the chosen theme, there are tools available to help you navigate the page as well as return options to get you back to look at something else.

Clicking on a block from the 'Home page' takes you to a 'Table of Contents' page like the example one below. The 'table of contents' page holds a list of all the arts, crafts, games, rhymes and songs available on this CD for that particular block or 'theme'.

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Good luck, enjoy.

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The little 'horse' icon indicates that you are in the 'Animals' theme directory. THIS ICON CHANGES when you change theme directories. For instance, Space has a rocket ship, Summer has the sun, Christmas has a Santa, etc.Clicking on this icon will take you directly to the Table of Contents page for a complete list of ideas for the theme you chose.

The small bird icon in the lower right, indicates you can 'fly' back to the Home page (the one with all the theme blocks on it). Watch for this icon on all pages.
The 'light bulbs' with arrows allow you to look at some other ideas occurring before and after in a loop without actually returning to the Table of Contents page. Click on the bulbs with your mouse to make them work.
Remember: Use the scroll bar located on the right hand side of your computer screen to go down the page.
go to Home page

You're ready to begin! Run your mouse over this bird icon, click on it, and it will take you to the HomePage with all the theme blocks.


Home Page

looks like this...

Don't forget to use the scroll bar as many pages have more info further on down.
Say you chose to click on the Animals icon...
Say you chose to click on "Drawings"
The coloured box with the four button icons on it, occurs on every arts, crafts, games, rhymes and songs page.
Navigation Tools