Smelly Bags (paper lunch bags)

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You will need:

What to do:

  • encourage children to use their crayons to decoraate their lunch bag while it is still folded shut
  • children should also label their bags with their names
  • tell children that they are going to make a ‘smelly bag’
  • explain that a ‘smelly bag’ has something inside it that other people must try and guess just bysmellling inside! NO PEEKING!
  • let each child then come and choose one item from the large paper grocery bag or ‘BIG SMELLY BAG’ but to hide it inside their ‘LITTLE SMELLY BAG’ ready to play a game
  • when all children have chosen an item for their smelly bag, they may enjoy going around to their friends and seeing if their friends can guess what they have and vice versa!