• each child rolls the color die or spins the spinner
      • if die shows 'green', then that child uses a marker to cover the 'green' balloon on their game card
      • next child takes a turn and so on
      • game continues until all colors are covered
      • if a child spins or rolls a color they already have, they miss a turn
      • older children may enjoy playing more competitively to see who can finish their card first
Clowning Colours Board Game

You will need:

  • four to six game cards cut from chip or cereal boxes
  • a clown over to one side of each card
  • a bouquet of balloons for the clown to hold
  • color the balloons using felts or sticker paper or paint them
  • make paper or lightweight cardboard disks to fit on top of the balloons on each game card
  • get a color die from an educational toy store or make a spinner using a piece of the chip or cereal box and poking a hole in the centre for a pencil to wedge into (cut each edge to represent a color and color the wedges in to match the balloons on the cards)

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