At the Zoo

(Tune: Frere Jacques)

See the lion, see the lion,

In his cage, in his cage

Listen to him roaring, Listen to him roaring

I can too - ROAR! I can too - ROAR!

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See the monkeys, see the monkeys

In their cage, in their cage

Listen to them chatter, Listen to them chatter

I can too - EE-EE!

I can too - OO-00!

See the brown bear, see the brown bear

In her cage, In her cage,

Listen to her growling, listen to her growling

I can too! GRR-R!

I can too! GRR-R!

See the porcupine, see the porcupine

Curled up small, curled up small

She can be so quiet, She can be so quiet

I can too - SHHH! I can too - SHHH!