the story of Christmas, baby Jesus, the three Wisemen, the Star over Bethlehem, angels, etc. Other religions and their beliefs.


a time for giving, a time for loving our neighbors, caring, sharing, thinking of others less fortunate than ourselves, etc.


the first Christmas tree, the idea of decorating a tree, other Christmas traditions

(ie. Christmas Dinner, the opening of gifts, caroling, Boxing Day, what your family traditionally does at Christmas time, etc.)


discuss Santa as a toymaker, elves, his sleigh, reindeer, stockings by the fireplace, leaving milk and cookies and carrots out on Christmas Eve, etc. Other traditions associated with Santa.



stories about Christmas, pictures depicting Christmas scenes, Christmas poems, pictures of snow, sleigh rides, horses in winter, Santa on his sleight, etc.


create colorful displays around the room depicting Christmas, ie. make a large fireplace and let children hang their own stockings on it; make a giant Christmas tree from cardboard and encourage the children to make paper decorations to hang on it; get children to paint a giant mural of Christmas Dinner; make a large sleigh from cardboard and encourage children to draw pictures of toys they would like to place in Santa’s sleigh; make a nativity scene


large pictures depicting Christmas, ie. posters of Santa, Rudolph, the nativity scene, Christmas trees, snow scenes of children tobogganing and/or ice skating, etc.

Videos/ Speakers:

There are many videos with many stories relating to Christmas ie. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, The Grinch who Stole Christmas, The Velveteen Bunny, The Tin Soldier, etc. How about a visit from Santa!

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