Ghost Puppet

(styrofoam cup)

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You will need:


What to do:

  • pre-cut a slit in the base of each styrofoam cup wide enough to allow the popsicle stick to slip in and out easily
  • encourage children to cut out their own ghost shape making sure that it will fit inside their styrofoam cup without touching the edges of the cup (you may need to pre-make the ghosts for the younger children or use a stencil and let the children cut their own out)
  • glue the ghost to one end of the popsicle stick
  • place ghost and stick down inside the styrofoam cup so that the stick is protruding out of the base of the cup (see illustration)
  • holding onto the popsicle stick, slide it in and out of the cup to make the puppet pop up and then to disappear
  • children decorate their styrofoam cups like a haunted house for their ghost to live in using crayons and markers
  • make ghost say, "Boo!" when it pops out of the ‘haunted house’
  • label ghosts and houses
  • clean up