(paper rolls)

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You will need:


What to do:

  • use the hole punch to punch holes in the ends of the paper rolls
  • also punch a hole near the edge of the margarine lid
  • attach the lid to a roll by twist-tying them together
  • create the rest of the skeleton's body by continuing to attach rolls together by twist-tying them onto each other (encourage children to help do this)
  • glue paper circle to margarine lid
  • let children use crayons to draw on a face
  • punch holes all around the edge of the margarine lid and encourage children to tie pieces of yarn through each hole for hair
  • tie a slightly longer piece of yarn through a hole near the top of the head to dangle the skeleton from
  • encourage children to color a different part of the skeleton's body and to draw on clothing if they like
  • display skeleton as a group project!