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You will need:


What to do:

  • tell children they are going to be making a caterpillar and a butterfly and a coccoon for them to live in
  • pass out one popsicle stick to each child and encourage them to color their caterpillar on both sides (ie. stripes, one color, dots, etc.)
  • next, twist a twist tie or pipe cleaner piece around one end for the antennae (you may need to help smaller children)
  • next, pass out toilet rolls, one to each child, and cotton balls
  • encourage children to glue separated cotton balls onto their rols
  • place the caterpillar inside the ‘coccoon’
  • pass out another popsicle stick with a twist tie or pipe cleaner piece to each child
  • tell them this is for their butterfly - twist on twist tie
  • next, pass out assorted rectangles of tissue paper (2 per child)
  • encourage them to hold their ‘wings’ together so that the two long sides of their rectangles are on the top and the bottom
  • scrunch the centres of the rectangle shape to form a ‘bow’ shape
  • gently lay the ‘bow’ or ‘wings’ on top of the second popsicle stick and tape in place with the length of masking tape provided (see illustration)
  • roll up wings and place butterfly inside coccoon with caterpillar
  • label inside toilet rolls
  • clean up
  • then act out the following story using creations

Butterfly in a Coccoon

(popsicle sticks & paper roll)

Tell story of:

Katie and Her New Coat

Katie was a friendly little caterpillar who lived in a tree. She was very happy in her tree but one-day she decided to go for an adventure! She wanted to have a new coat as she was tired of the one she had.

First, she met Mr. Duck, but Mr. Duck wouldn’t give her any feathers for a new coat. Next she met Mrs. Turtle, but Mrs. Turtle wouldn’t share her beautiful shell with her. Then she met little ‘Baa-Baa’ the lamb but he wouldn’t give Katie any of his wool for a new coat either!

Katie was very tired from her adventures so she went back to her tree, built herself a cozy little nest, curled up inside, and went to sleep. When she awoke, she felt very squished! She had to really wiggle a lot to get out of her nest!

When she finally got out, she looked at herself and was very surprised indeed! She had on a beautiful new coat - not only that, but it had wings too! She stretched them out in the sun to let them dry and then she flew all around the meadow to show off her beautiful new coat!

You see, ducks have feathers, turtles have shells, lambs have wool, but caterpillars turn into butterflies and have beautiful wings!