winds, snow, ice, position of sun in the sky,
longer nights, shorter days, ie. it's dark outside

when you get up, etc.


clothing changes from summer, to fall, and now to

winter, why you need to keep your body warm, etc.


frost, icicles, river ice, hard snow, soft snow,

snow that sticks together, snow that crumbles,
frozen ground, tracks in the snow, birds in the
neighborhood where did the others go? etc.



skiing downhill and cross-country, skating indoors

and out, figure and speed, tobogganing, hockey,
broomball, curling, building snow forts, making
snow balls, hazards, safety tips.




stories about winter, snow, sports, etc. Poetry about winter, stories of animals in the winter, picture books of sleigh rides, skating and other winter activities.



large winter pictures depicting snow, animals in winter habitats, skiers, skaters, etc.

Encourage children to paint a mural of a winter theme, i.e. children skating at a nearby rink, toboggan-riding down a big hill

a mural of winter clothing get each child to draw and color or paint one article of winter clothing

hang fancy paper decorated mittens around the room, have the children make and cut out snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling

fill the water table with buckets of snow and encourage children to measure it, make castles, cookies, cakes, etc.



large winter scenes, i.e. sleigh rides, horses in a field of snow, snowy streets, children skating, posters of ice shows, etc.


Videos/ Speakers:

relating to winter. Speakers: to discuss; safety in winter (i.e. a nurse or fireman) ski equipment (i.e. a local ski shop representative, etc.) skating (i.e. someone who has taken figure skating or power skating) hockey (i.e. a local hockey player with all the equipment, etc.) birds and trees in winter (i.e. a local naturalist)



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